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Air Caster Transport Platforms

  • High reliability
  • No harmful exhaust gasses, just regular compressed air
  • Low investment compared to other transportation methods
  • Heavy objects can be operated by one single person
  • Low floor pressure
  • Plug and play
  • Compact build, often smaller than the object itself
  • Complete freedom of movement and accurate positioning to the millimetre
  • Customisation possible to fully meet the client’s requirements


Each industry has different transportation needs in material handling. An air caster transport vehicle can be designed and built entirely to the client’s specifications to move heavy or sensitive objects on a thin film of air. Air caster vehicles can replace expensive cranes, roller conveyors and forklifts, either completely or partially. The fact that you can move the air caster vehicle in every horizontal direction and accurately position them, makes them the ideal transport method to move and replace heavy components.

There are many different shapes and sizes available and the load can be picked up by the transport vehicle or directly loaded onto it.

It is also possible to have a sub-frame or stillage underneath the object that can be picked up by the transport vehicle.


Typical applications

  • Move machinery on a dedicated platform between production stations in a factory
  • Fully automatically position huge magnets in one of the world’s biggest research institutes
  • Move chassis of trucks and trains through a production or modification process
  • Use an air operated pallet transporter to move pallets
  • Move material to the production station
  • Move large coils and complete transformers during production
  • Exchange heavy castings, dies etc.
  • Use lift tables to create an extra lift to feed objects into an assembly line
  • Move finished equipment into testing centres



The Air Caster Transport vehicles can be equipped with:

  • Air powered driven wheels; no more manual movement
  • Remote controls; to control the movement from a distance
  • Automated guidance systems; to create an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • Lift tables; to provide an extra high lift
  • Master – Slave system; to enable cooperation between multiple vehicles
  • On-board air supply; to make the vehicle self-sufficient

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