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Air Caster Roll Transporters

  • High reliability
  • No harmful exhaust gasses, just regular compressed air
  • Low investment compared to other transportation methods
  • Heavy objects can be operated by one single person
  • Low floor pressure
  • Plug and play
  • Compact build, often smaller than the object itself
  • Complete freedom of movement and accurate positioning to the millimetre
  • Customization possible to fully meet customer requirements


The internal movement of rolls is usually both cumbersome and labour-intensive.

Paper/metal/plastic rolls, cable reels, coils, and other types of round objects, can be easily moved using roll transporters on air casters. The air caster roll transporters are an excellent alternative to forklifts or overhead cranes. Also, the wheels of cars, trucks etc. can be transported using roll transporters. The greatest benefit is that theair caster roll transporter is hardly any larger in size than the roll that needs to be transported.

The roll transporter on air casters can be built to the client’s specifications and makes it possible to move very heavy rolls, irrespective of the material and size of the roll. The rolls can be placed directly on the roll transporter or, thanks to variable forks and integrated lift cushions, can be picked up directly from the floor.


Typical applications

  • Feed new paper rolls into a printing machine
  • Move to the production site and unwind cable reels
  • Move and rotate cable reels after production
  • Move steel coils from production to the storage facility

The air caster roll transporters can be equipped with:

  • Power driven wheels; no more manual movement
  • Remote controls; to control the movement from a distance
  • Automated guidance systems; to create an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • Master – Slave system; to enable cooperation between multiple vehicles
  • Adjustable forks: to pick up different diameters of rolls directly from the floor
  • On-board air supply; to make the vehicle self sufficient


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